College Application


Thank you for your interest in attending MODELZ COLLEGE

To complete your application, please follow the directions below:

1. Send your payment for the class (or classes) you want to attend inworld to: MaddModelz resident

2. On a notecard titled: MODELZ COLLEGE APPLICATION (YOUR NAME) include the following:
– Proof of payment
– Your full name
– List the classes you have paid for.
– List any prior modeling school graduations and dates and any type modeling experience you have
– List your SL timezone (example: I am in SLT+3)
– Your Discord Name & Number
– Confirm you are able to understand English. All our classes will be in voice & in English
– If you are applying to attend a Specialty Course, list your available days and time frames for class scheduling.
– If you are applying to attend a Diploma Course, list the Selected Time & Day from the choices below that you want to attend.
Choices for Diploma Class Times and Days are:

CHOICE A – 2 hour classes on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm slt
CHOICE B – 1 hour classes on Thursdays from 4 or 5pm slt

3. Send notecard to: cheyenne.starlight AND to redjess.rowley to complete your application

4. Red will confirm receipt and will coordinate you with your teacher and you can get moving on your education!

Please remember:
All accepted students once confirmed, are responsible to be at classes on time unless inworld notecard and discord messages are sent to instructor no later than 2 hours before class start time. Any students missing a class will be responsible to reschedule with the instructor at a rate of L$250 per missed class. students are held 100% responsible for ensuring communication with instructor through the course.

Thank you!
Modelz College

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